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Artists and executives from the creative industries may from time to time, like any other group of people, suffer from difficulties that require psychological intervention.

Uniquely, in addition to being professionally qualified clinicians, all Arts Clinic Therapists have an understanding of the client's working environment and the attendant pressures and challenges. This means we can get straight to the heart of the matter quickly and empathetically.

The Arts Clinic offers treatment for a wide variety of issues such as:


Drug and Alchohol Dependency

HIV/AIDS issues



Anger Management


Lack of self-esteem/confidence

Bereavement and Loss

Relationship and sexuality difficulties

In all cases, a fully computerised Psychological Assessment is the first step - taking approximately 40 minutes.

After this, a comprehensive medical, psychological and work history is taken by the therapist along with an initial assessment of the problem.

A thorough diagnosis is then made and an appropriate course of treatment recommended.

A course of psychological treatment generally consists of ten to twelve weekly fifty-minute sessions. Such work is structured, pragmatic and collaborative in nature. Longer term Psychotherapy can be from six to twelve months. Additionally, we have access to prompt on-site Psychiatric and Medical services if required.

The Arts Clinic works in association with Psychiatric and Psychological Consultant Services, an established healthcare provider since 1981. Together, we are respected providers for most of the largest health insurance companies. Our service is swift, confidential and discreet, acknowledging at all times the sensitive nature of the work involved. We aim to deal promptly with emergencies and resolve problems creatively before they reach crisis point.

The Arts Clinic is also able to refer to a variety of consultants sympathetic to the creative personality such as sport and dance injury specialists, voice coaches, osteopaths and complementary practitioners.

Funding for treatment is often negotiated through the client's individual or company's health insurance. In cases of financial emergency, funding can be arranged through the individual's professional body, for example the Royal Society of Musicians or the Performing Rights Society.

All Arts Clinic therapists are professionally qualified and members of the appropriate regulatory body for their profession - the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the British Psychological Society or the U.K. Council of Psychotherapy. All Psychiatrists have consultant status.

If you would like any further information about The Arts Clinic's treatment programmes or referral procedures, please feel free to telephone us. We are always pleased to talk informally and with no obligation about the range of services we provide and the referral services we can access.