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  For Creative Minds




The Arts Clinic offers a range of individually-tailored training packages to organisations and corporate clients.

All training uses our unique method of work. This comprises a powerful blend of psychological techniques and philosophical insights, combined with a specialist knowledge of individual and organisational creativity.

We link the practical with the imaginative for constructive solutions and original initiatives. It emphasises balance, synthesis and focused energy.

In the business environment, an understanding of the creative process and the conditions required for creativity will introduce clarity, focus and vision to the individual, department or team. It encourages the integration of diverse human qualities toward a unified goal.

Our training enables an individual and team to manifest their full potential, from concept through implementation to result.

Training programmes are usually delivered following an initial consultation with the M.D. or Head of Department to identify goals and areas of concern.

Individual assessments and exploratory consultations with each member of personnel on the programme are then undertaken together with a group seminar to explore the organisational training needs.

The Arts Clinic submits a detailed report with specific recommendations and a training programme will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the organisation and personnel concerned.

All training programmes are structured to include the use of creative management skills, role play, seminars, enjoyable exercises and practical advice.

Examples of the types of subject areas that can be covered include:

  • Conflict resolution and negotiating skills
  • Team Building
  • Working with change
  • Awareness of work/personal/client boundaries
  • How to identify stress levels
  • Developing insight into "difficult" personalities
  • The balance of art and commerce
  • How to nurture talent and encourage creativity
  • Improved communication skills
  • Developing well-being within the work environment

As the Arts Clinic provides bespoke training programmes we can respond to the needs of your organisation, whatever its size, whatever its challenge. We can enable you to explore your role, vision and effectiveness.