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  For Creative Minds




Creativity is now recognised as the key ingredient, not only of the successful artist, but also of the successful chief executive and organisation. The Arts Clinic has devised a unique method of working, It comprises a powerful blend of psychological techniques and philosophical insights, combined with a specialist knowledge of individual and organisational creativity.

We link the practical with the imaginative for constructive solutions and original initiatives. This will enable an individual to manifest their full potential, from concept through implementation to result.

Mentoring for Creative Business

An opportunity for middle to high-level executives in the creative industries to improve their performance through a programme of one-to-one sessions.

Creativity is essential for every aspect of individual and organisational life. In the business environment this understanding aims to develop confident handling of work and personal relationships, inspirational leadership, the ability to define and implement clear goals and to continually generate fresh vision. It can be applied to such issues as the initiation of internal organisational change, the negotiation of imposed, external change, the management of a career re-orientation, or the successful induction into a new organisational position. It can also help put it right when things go wrong. It is often lonely on the way up and can be even lonelier at the top and frightening to feel the downward fall. Mentoring offers a safe place to explore the personal and the professional.

Creative Development for Artists

A programme of one-to-one support which allows the artist to foster their individual creativity and long-term creative development through a therapeutic relationship.

Difficulties in harnessing creative energy may surface in many ways ; such as creative block, burn out or anxiety. The Creative Development programme gives the artist a full understanding of the creative process and their own unique ways of fully expressing creativity. It also deals with the application of creativity in real terms to a particular project – for example, an album, performance, career transition or writing project.

Fame Counselling

The pressures of celebrity are a unique feature of this age. It is virtually impossible to be a success nowadays without the accompanying fame. There is nothing that prepares someone for the impact of celebrity, not only on their own lives but also on personal and working relationships.

Maintaining a sense of identity is often an extremely difficult negotiation. It entails dealing with public acclaim or censure, acquiring fame or losing it., along with defining and maintaining an awareness of self.

The aim of this programme is to encourage a centred self that is strong enough to be able to distinguish between the powerful projections of others and what is real and meaningful to their own identity and creative development.